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Kiitos Capital Management was founded in 2008 to manage the Kiitos Global Opportunities (KGO) fund.  KGO is a Long-Short equity fund focused on stocks impacted by Global H.E.A.T. (Healthcare, Environment and Agriculture Trends).

Kiitos believes Global H.E.A.T. is a unique opportunity set driven by changing demographic, competitive and regulatory landscapes.  Many trends within the 3 areas of Healthcare, Environment and Agriculture are converging and overlapping, creating catalysts that are more easily identified using our holistic Global H.E.A.T. approach. We have identified a universe of stocks in 17 GICS industry groups with varied return on equity, valuation and risk profiles from which we build a liquid, diversified 50-70 position portfolio.

The firm employs a value-based and ROIC-driven investment strategy to generate uncorrelated returns over the long term. Underlying this value-based strategy is the belief that long-term stock returns are directly related to a business' sustainable ROIC, valuation and growth rate. We complement our bottom up fundamental research approach to investing with comprehensive risk control management.

Kiitos is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA and is a registered Investment Advisor with the State of California.


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